Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Fantastic View

So much has happened over the last week, I can hardly keep up. Let's see if I can list the progress, in no partcular order:

1) The cedar siding project has begun, and is coming along quite amazingly, may I add (photos to prove below)
2) Major plumbing continues (i.e. installation of significant piping) which includes designing a plan for where faucets, mirrors, sinks, lights, outlets (all the essentials for a bathroom) are located
3) Basement framing was completed, including outside walls, closets, etc.
4) Electrical rough-in continues. Photos below show the installation of loft recessed cans.
5) Our super-dooper heavy duty steel canopy was installed over the front door
6) The last of our windows were installed

I'm sure I'm missing something, but for now this should suffice. Enjoy!

Recessed Cans Rough In in Loft
Welcome to Our Home!
Close-Up of Steel Canopy
Front of Garage in Cedar
Completed Cedar Wall on Garage
View from the Living Room

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