Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just Photos Today

I'm a woman of few words today (bet you can't believe that). Actually, I'm just not feeling very inspired to write, but I didn't want that to stop me from posting new photos. Enjoy.

Stairs (and storage door) in the back of the garage
Cement board siding on south side of house
Cement board siding on front of home (and my little helpers)
Poured concrete in garage
3 different siding materials: Wide knotty cedar (in weathered grey) above + Clear stained cedar on garage + Cement board (Hardie Panel - to be painted light grey) on main floor
Last, but definitely not least....check out all of our lights in the main living area. AWESOME!!!!

1 comment:

  1. WOW, It's really coming along! That clear stained cedar siding is gorgeous, I love it.