Sunday, January 31, 2010

Room with a View

Today I climbed up (on a ladder because the stairs are not yet installed) to our bedroom. WE HAVE A VIEW!!! Yes, some would argue that the view is not worth much. Just a couple of buildings in Downtown Bellevue. BUT, we have a view nonetheless.

This week we made some decisions on our exposed beams and plywood that is revealed between the beams. If Mike were composing this post, he would thoroughly educate our readers on quality of plywood, football fillers and the like. But, lucky for you, he's not, and I am -- and you're reading the modified version of this story. I'm a visual person anyway. Images are more impactful than words. See below:
Exposed beams and plywood
View from our bedroom (look in the distance -- Downtown Bellevue)
Loft window
Living room walls (17 3/4 ft high)
Corner kitchen window

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beginning to Look Like a Home

Say goodbye to our undrivable steep driveway and hello to a FLAT entrance to a gigantic tandum garage. It took alot of fill and rocks over the past few days, but we've achieved a level front yard (and backyard, for that matter).

Besides that accomplishment, Bob and team installed the uber cool (soft industrial) steel beams that help to support the upper loft. AND, if there hasn't been enough great progress, Mike's office, powder room and laundry rooms have been framed.


The first car in our garage is a dumptruck

Friday, January 22, 2010

8 Walls and Counting....

Count em....8 walls are up. Well, actually 8.5 (including the partial wall above the kitchen).

Had to call in the big guns today. A Boom Truck was called in to lift the 16' long beam above the sliding door and the large front wall of the home (and I think maybe part of the north wall too).

These images show the truck lifting the wall, along with the perspective from various angles of the home.

Peering thru the garage door to the kitchen wall

Front window thru the office window

8 walls and counting!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wow!!! (It's Sunny in Seattle and Main Floor Framing has Begun)

Today is a great day! Feels a bit like spring around here. AND....we have an opening to our 16' wide sliding door! See for yourselves:

Look how tall our wall is!!!

The opening of the stairwell

Olivia's bedroom window

Beginning of our kitchen wall

Office window above Eli's window

Sunday, January 17, 2010

TMI?? (Too Many Images)

Are we starting to bore you with the images of the progress of our home? We haven't even gotten started! Wait until we start sharing photos of electrical outlets and window trim.

Today's blog shows "post concrete pour" photos and the beginnings of walls for our basement. See if you can count the number of nails in the plywood flooring (the answer: 4000). Thanks Michael and Ken!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bob the Builder (and his Mighty Men)

Our modern home is taking form. All of December's hard work (demolition, excavation, unexpectedly taking down main floor framing) has paid off. Between Christmas and New Year's, the City of Bellevue inspectors paid several visits to the job site -- delaying the concrete pour of our footings (the base of the foundation walls) until yesterday.  Bob and his mighty team - Cliff (Foundation Guy), Michael & Ken, have produced the following results in TWO days.

"Mighty" may be underestimating their skills.