Sunday, January 31, 2010

Room with a View

Today I climbed up (on a ladder because the stairs are not yet installed) to our bedroom. WE HAVE A VIEW!!! Yes, some would argue that the view is not worth much. Just a couple of buildings in Downtown Bellevue. BUT, we have a view nonetheless.

This week we made some decisions on our exposed beams and plywood that is revealed between the beams. If Mike were composing this post, he would thoroughly educate our readers on quality of plywood, football fillers and the like. But, lucky for you, he's not, and I am -- and you're reading the modified version of this story. I'm a visual person anyway. Images are more impactful than words. See below:
Exposed beams and plywood
View from our bedroom (look in the distance -- Downtown Bellevue)
Loft window
Living room walls (17 3/4 ft high)
Corner kitchen window

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