Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today I Feel....

Eli has this great book titled, "Today I Feel Silly" whose lesson is about having different feelings, and being OK with those feelings.

Today I feel......excited, tired, overwhelmed, happy, among others. Excited for our trip to Arizona (a slight diversion from our generally crazy life). Tired--does it really need an explanation???? Overwhelmed, because besides managing pertinent house details before we leave for our vacation (lighting plan, upstairs heat source, kitchen, etc), I have to pack our entire family for 2 weeks away, package valentine's for Eli's class, make cookies, find time to exercise....the list continues. Happy because LIFE IS GOOD!

Over the last week the building crew has made some HUGE strides in the progress of the home. Temporary stairs were built for ease of movement, the loft space was framed (master bedroom, bath and closet), rafters were installed for the roof, the skylight was cut, etc. We've ordered the super cool 16 ft sliding door. Electricians and plumbers (for basic plumbing needs and radiant floor heating) are being called. Mike, the mad scientist has defined the measurements of the ingredients that make up the stain for the exterior wood.

Here are just a few pictures for all of you "visual" people out there (like myself):

The mad scientist testing his latest stain experiment

Temporary stairwell
View from master bedroom to rafters
Master closet
View from Master bedroom to bathroom and closet

Skylight above stairwell
Corner view with rafters

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