Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Windows and Doors

Our home has taken on a whole new perspective after today's milestone. Windows were installed last week which really added some incredible dimension to the space. But, today, probably one of the COOLEST accesories to our home was installed. The Fleetwood Glacier 16' wide x  10' hight (approx) sliding glass door (with an 8' opening) was installed. You can not possibly imagine the impact this door has on the space until you see it in person. Our 6'8" electrician, Brian, seemed almost miniature next to the door. Thank you Steve and Eric for encouraging (rather effectively, may I add) us to purchase this door over the "other."

In the following photos, you'll notice that siding has begun. I don't want to discount that task, because that too is HUGE, but I will pursue that further over the next few days.

Large living room window
Corner window in the kitchen
Completely AWESOME (in size and coolness factor) sliding door
From the back

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