Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coming to a Close...

Who knew 98004modern had such a loyal fan base. This one goes out to you :)

With luck on our side (please cross your fingers for us) we will be moving into our new home in less than two weeks. It seems almost impossible, given the bumpy road we've experienced on this crazy ride, but if over the next few days, we pass mechanical, plumbing and electrical inspections, we will stomp our feet (very hard, by the way) in celebration. I'm not sure if we're more excited to leave the condo and the extremely gracious and friendly community we have called our "neighbors" for the past 9 month (being completely facetious) or to just be moving in to our own space...the place to call home for probably the next say.......20 years????

With only one week from completion, I'm going to let the photo images speak for themselves and not describe our progression since the last post. Unfortunately, there are a number of completed projects that have yet to be photographed. I will post another set of images this weekend, once the painting is completed. Enjoy!

Kitchen installation
Nickel tiles in master bath (Yes, they are real nickels)
Master shower
The lights are on!
Cedar interior walls
Cedar interior with perforated metal (loft wall)
Concrete pour for our driveway and walkway
Completed landscaping in front yard


  1. Congrats!!! can't wait for the housewarming party! signed ... a loyal fan ...

  2. great blog! wondering if you could post a link to the interior cedar cladding importer. we are doing a similar project and im trying to convince my mother to use interior cladding. joe