Thursday, December 17, 2009

Farewell "Soft Industrial"...Hello "Elegant & Edgy"

On Thankgiving, I introduced visual images of the interior of our home. It must've been about 9 months ago, when I was reading an article on modern design and honed in on the most fantastic description -- "soft industrial." For some reason, that phrase spoke volumes to me. I loved it! I adopted that phase as a theme for our home and shared it with our architects, who I think, at the time, appreciated it as well. To me, "soft industrial" described raw concrete floors and commercial steel beams blended with touches of wood and warming paint hues. I could vividly imagine walking through our front door and seeing every little detail of our home -- and I LOVED it! And then...that visual experience took a 180.

About 4 weeks ago, our architects shared some new ideas. At first glance, the ideas seemed OK. A minor modification here, a little change there....nothing too significant. WAIT JUST A MINUTE!!! Our previous visions of "soft industrial" seemed to take a more rustic form. More wood. Cozier spaces. Mike started putting our thoughts into an email to our architects, suggesting that we were really quite happy with our "soft industrial." I couldn't stop but thinking that this new interior direction was quite edgy and completely unexpected. Mike completely agreed and immediately erased the email.

So, here we are --  I give you "elegant and edgy" (the new "soft industrial"):


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